Sunday, October 30, 2022

Virtual Singer Jamboree! - New Album Released!

Virtual Singer Jamboree! Album
 It's been four years since Universal Healthcare Now! came out.

Now we have Virtual Singer Jamboree! released! Hooray! We seem to like to use exclamation points for our titles.

It's already out on Spotify (check out our Spotify tab for the embedded player) and is probably out on many other streaming sites already, too! We'll be putting it out on Bandcamp very soon.

It took us that long to get enough material that we felt would be worthy of release because honestly, we wrote a lot of crappola.

Here's the track list:

  1. Be Best
  2. Asian Parents Stories II
  3. Guan Guan
  4. Worst in You
  5. Dirt Spoon Girl
  6. I So Pale
  7. Forget About Me
  8. Number One Girl
  9. My Butt Hurts
  10. The Great Resignation
  11. Stay Alive
  12. Naptime in the Subway
  13. Kiara's Lonely Floating Vomit Pile
  14. White Baby Lover
  15. I'll Keep Mine
  16. Hey Stinky
We've released these as demos over the years on YouTube, but we've now finalized them and here they are in the final form. So get ready!

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