Sunday, June 26, 2022

Our Entries in Eclipsed Sounds's SOLARIA Original Song Contest


We entered two songs for Eclipsed Sounds's SOLARIA Crowdfunding Anniversary Original Song Contest! Have you heard them? Check out the videos below.

We don't really need the money (but sure, money would be nice) and we already have the SOLARIA license (but it would be nice to have another license so we can put it on our laptop), so "winning" the contest is not a big deal. What we would really like is to come in 5th place. Why? Because we'd get that merchandise we missed out on during the crowdfunding campaign. It was a blunder that we regret. Megumi just didn't think SOLARIA sounded all that good, and in her defense, the rough preview wasn't anything special. We just didn't really how rough and preliminary the voice sampling was at that point.

You're allowed to submit more than one song, so we ended up doing two. We probably should have taken more time in refining the lyrics because they're kind of clunky in spots.

Our Second Submission

Our First Submission

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