Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Vocaloid Quick Tip: Changing Singer Properties

Hey everyone! Do you have only one Vocaloid voice library, but wish you had different singers in your song? Vocaloids are definitely not cheap, so I don't blame you if you don't have several Vocaloids at your disposal.

Well, there's a way you can get around that--sort of. It won't sound quite like you are using a completely separate Vocaloid voice, but the difference is noticeable.

The trick is to alter the singer properties. If you go to the toolbar in the Vocaloid3 editor, click on Settings / My Singer properties, you will bring up a dialog box showing you your "singers" and the voice parameters that you can alter for your singer: namely, Breathiness, Brightness, Clearness, and Gender Factor.

Now, the original Vocaloid voice is marked with an asterisk. You can click on Add to create another singer (based on the original Vocaloid) and change some of the parameters to get a whole new singer! As you can see, I already went ahead and added a new singer named Low Megpoid_English. For this new singer, I altered the Gender Factor setting to 127 to make the voice deeper, like a male. Going the other way (to -127) will raise the voice higher. Notice that there is another singer already there that came with the Vocaloid--Whispering Megpoid_English, which added some Breathiness and lowered the Clearness. Those parameters make subtle changes whereas the Gender Factor parameter can really make a noticeable change.

Once you've added your new singer, go to the toolbar, and select Active Singer Properties. Click on the Show My Singers button.

See those arrows in the middle (<<< and >>>)? Click on the appropriate arrow to move your newly created singer in the My Singers box over to the Active Singers box like I've already done here.

With your new singer now an active singer, you can then assign him/her to a track. To do this, right click on the Part you want to assign a new singer. You will see that your new singer is now available. In this example, I have Gumi singing the main melody and the left harmony. My new singer, Low Megpoid_English, is singing the harmony on the right, which you can hear in this clip.

Now, obviously, this won't give you a completely new and different Vocaloid. And Gumi doesn't now all of a sudden sound like a man. But, it does noticeably changes her register and gives you options for different voices in your songs if you only have one Vocaloid voice library.

I think it's best to do this (using a modified singer with extreme parameter changes) on harmony parts in the background. I wouldn't recommend using this on your main singer. Hope this helps! Keep rocking!

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