Wednesday, April 27, 2016

At The Zoo

This month's song from Megumi was inspired by a trip to the zoo. I keep telling Megumi to write a happy song, but she just looks at me like I'm crazy.

Megumi tuned her guitar to D A D A A D for this. Remember the song, Save It For Later by the English Beat? Yeah, same tuning. She had been playing around with this tuning and came up with the music a while back. She doesn't even know what chords she used--she was just messing around with various fingerings trying to get a sound she liked. Anyway, only now did she write some lyrics for it. We went back to using the Line6 POD to record the guitars.

Yasuko plugged her bass straight into the Grace Design pre-amp. We then used the Guitar Rig plug in. That's basically her go to setup nowadays. She used to use to plug her bass in the POD as well as a compressor pedal.

For the drums, we decided to go with brushes. It just seemed right for this song! Check out the video below!

At the Zoo
by Megumi Matsumae

I was at the zoo today
That’s where they keep the animals caged
They’re nothing more than four legged slaves

They eat what they are given
They pose for the the cameras
We get to watch when they poop too

I will never let anyone control me
I would rather be six feet under ground
I will never live any other way than free

Their whole world is inside four walls
They’re just playthings, just like dolls
Their lives defined by human protocols

Repeat Chorus

Above the clouds spread your wings and soar
No ceiling above, below your feet no floor
Keep going till you can’t see land anymore

I was at the zoo today
I can leave but they’ll still be caged
Sometimes I feel trapped just the same

Repeat Chorus

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