Friday, March 25, 2016

Vocaloid Quick Tip: Entering Multi Syllable Lyrics

Hey, everyone! Satoshi here with another quick Vocaloid tip!

This is something I recently discovered, and I'm embarrassed to say that I've been doing things the hard way for such a long time. It just goes to show you that you easily can get caught up doing the same routine methods simply because you're comfortable with it even though it's kind of a pain.

I'm talking about entering multi-syllable lyrics in Vocaloid. Let's take a word that I'm all too familiar with: humiliation. I'm sure you all know that you can't just enter in the whole word in one block--it won't work. You get something like this:

Entering in multi-syllable lyrics in one
block won't work. You'll just get the
default phoneme u:

In the past, I have manually broken up each syllable and entered them in separately. For instance, I might put in (along with the corresponding phoneme):

hu [h i: u:]

mil [m I l]

li [l i:]

a [eI]

tion [S U n]

But--a much easier way to do it is to create five separate blank lyrics and then enter in the whole word in the first box. Try it! Did you see what happened? Vocaloid automatically will separate the lyric into the appropriate syllables and enter them into the blank lyrics for you! Vocaloid has a pretty complete dictionary, but if the word isn't in the dictionary, this won't work. However, you can always add your own custom words to it so it will work the next time.

Enter in multi-syllable words by
creating blank lyrics for each syllable
first. Then enter in the entire word
in the first lyric.

Remember, it's always a good idea to review what the Vocaloid Editor entered. You may need to tweak and adjust the phoneme to your liking.

I hope this tip makes things easier for you! Keep on rocking!

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