Thursday, January 20, 2022

Gearing Up For FAWM 2022!


FAWM 2022 is just around the corner, folks! This is a good way to practice getting into the routine of regular songwriting. Megumi, Yasuko, and I will be throwing ourselves into the ring, for sure!

You'll need to write a song every two days, so you can't get bogged down trying to make it "perfect." I'm planning to just construct simple songs--verse/chorus/verse/chorus. Nothing too complicated, not too many chord changes.

I know Megumi doesn't want to always have to set up her guitar to record a backing track, so she's planning on writing many of the songs just using the built-in virtual instruments (such as the piano) in the DAW. In fact, she downloaded a whole mess of pre-constructed midi chord files so she can just drag and drop the chord in. Drawing in the notes for the chords isn't hard, but it gets tedious so this will sure make things go faster.

You can download these chord files at:

We've already started practicing writing songs! Synthesizer V Solaria will be singing our demos for us! Check out our first "pre-FAWM" song:

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