Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Universal Healthcare Now! - The New Album by The 3Represents

Finally! Megumi, Yasuko, and I have finally finished our upcoming album, Universal Healthcare Now!

It consists of 12 songs that Megumi has written over the years. There are demos for several of the songs out there, scattered about on YouTube, Soundcloud, or whatever. Originally, it was supposed to be out in the Spring, but then it got pushed back to August, and then it got pushed back again until finally we got it done and it should be out soon!

Part of the problem is that we (meaning me) are lazy, and part of the problem is that Megumi kept wanting to redo parts. And I kept wanting to redo the mixing. But it's done. IT'S DONE!!!

The cover of the new CD
As far as the title goes, well, that was Megumi's idea. Yasuko didn't care one way or the other, but I questioned Megumi why she thought of that. I mean, none of the songs have anything to do with healthcare!?

Megumi told me that she thought everybody should have universal healthcare, so if we named our CD Universal Healthcare, then everybody should have our CD!

Well, okay...

Anyway, it will probably take some time for the CD to make its way on CD Baby and especially all the distribution channels like iTunes and Spotify, so keep an eye out for it!

We'll put out a video on YouTube of the single, You Say, soon. Although, it's kind of stupid to say that it's the single--it doesn't mean anything. It's not like it's a separate thing going out to radio stations. But I like to say that because it reminds me of the old days. You Say features Anne McCue on guitar!

Here's the Track List:

01 At the Zoo
02 You Say
03 My Pasmo Card
04 Mochi Mochi
05 Trade My Life
06 Disneyland
07 Making Takonashiyaki with Toyosaki Aki
08 Time's Up!
09 From My Bed
10 Makeinu
11 Stop Walking Over Me
12 You Gotta Try Harder

Update: the album is now available on Bandcamp and CD Baby!
*All songs feature the Vocaloids Megpoid English and Avanna

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